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Biochar is a charcoal-like material that is produced from rice hulls that are decomposed at high temperatures. During the process, the physical and chemical properties of the plant material change into a highly porous, stable, carbon-rich material known as biochar. It is used as a soil conditioner and as a container substrate amendment in agriculture and horticulture, and improves soil and substrate physical, chemical and biological properties.


Benefits of using Biochar as soil amendment or container substrate :

  • Increase cation exchange capacity (CEC).
  • Increase surface area for aeration and porosity.
  • Increase pH.
  • Increase plant nutrient availability.
  • Enhance water-holding capacity.
  • Stimulate beneficial microbial activity.


Application guide :

  • Use as 1/4 part of potting media.
  • Or, use as potting media top layering.


Net volume : 5 liter


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