caladium potting mix
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Caladium potting mix -  A potting mix formulated specifically for caladiums. Also suitable for other indoor plants such as dieffenbachia, aglaonema, ficus, epipremnum, pothos, scindapsus and peperomia.


Content :

  • Peat moss (H10 grade + NPK + TE + limestone)
  • Coco peat (Low EC, Low salinity)
  • Perlite (3-6mm)
  • Organic compost (EFB/POME + Humic Acid)
  • Vermicompost (African Nightcrawler)
  • Zeolite


Net volume : 5 liter (fit in roughly 5 pots with 14cm in diameter)
Net weight : ~1.5 kg


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