MTC Soil Propagation

MTC Soil Propagation

Ceritanya, we have two pots of MTC. Dua je. Satu besar satu kecil. Both has gone dormant for 3 to 4 months. No new leaf, no wilting, no browning and no talking either cheeky. So, bangun pagi 1 day, i just told the fader... "i cut your MTC okay?" Seperti biasa, fader akan pandang sepi i... sebab he know me, and i know him, we talk telepathetically and yes.. he's not much a talker pun hahaha.

So, i keluarkan papan pemotong and my newly bought pisau tangkai kuning RM3.90 which tajam tak boleh bawak bincang and potong crying, pastu ....... i buka video youtube and cari how to propagate MTC ahahahaha and ask friend also lah.

So what i did is:
1. Crazy job, sebab you takyah yakin sangat baru nak belajar macamana.yiiiiih
2. Ready the mix for propagation (i cant be using water so much, rumah ni too many plants selalu terlepas pandang nak tukar air)
3. Less soil, more leca ball and top dressing cover dengan rice husks, osmocote (of course @pokokhouse ada jual.. pi beli!)
4. Treat the cut, cinnamon powder is a much cheaper option tapi nak fancy can go for rooting hormone.
5. Chuck them in soil, and letak dekat tempat yang partially shaded. Not too much bright light.
6. Sorry, i dont use humidifier or masuk dalam green house ke apa for this one. Suruh dia duduk situ and give me baby.
7. 2months, they both give me new shoot and leaf laugh
8. Successful so i got 3 pots of MTC dah haha.

But, this is a trial and error sebenarnya. So jangan buta² buat propagation if you dont read and study and paling penting if you are not ready for kemungkinan they maybe just boleh meninggal without actually give you anything. Yo la, i kata afterwards baru i buka youtube kan, tapi i understand my environment, the type of plants, and study few techniques beforehand. So be careful. Jangan g beli pisau pastu potong pastu kata 'tak jadi pun?' Luku kang.

Sekian lah panjang cerita tapi harini kasi you all extract point sendiri lah.

Sorry #nfs wink

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